Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain

Pascal Jacob, künstlerischer Leiter des Festivals beantwortet unsere Fragen.

Pascal Jacob

Pascal Jacob

What is the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain?
It’s a unique experience, four days of excellence and circus in an incredible atmosphere, in Paris, under a magical tent! It’s also a non profit organisation, founded in 1977, driven by a President and a Board where you can meet a TV producer, a journalist, circus fans and French state representatives.

Since when are you the artistic director of the festival?
I am the artistic director since 2007, but I grew up with the Festival! I saw all the editions since 1977 and I started to help with some office work and selling books and programs in the 1980s.

What is your background?
I spent a few years in university, in a theater department, where I am teachnig now. I was assistant director in various operas during 10 years and I started to create costumes in the 1990, working notably for Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey. Today, I am the artistic director of the Cirque Phenix as well as a creative consultant for Franco Dragone Entertainment Group.

How did the festival change over the years?
The Festival didn’t change! The circus did! And our mission, from the very begining, is to follow up all the mutations, to anticipate maybe some of them and to provide to our audience a evolutive photography of the circus in all its diversity.

What is the difference between the Cirque de Demain and other festivals like Monte Carlo, SOLyCIRCO etc. ?
It’s the best! Seriously, we try to bring to Paris -the hottest spot in the world!- a combination of classical and contemporary flavour with an overview of the creation in the circus arts. It means we want to create every year a new perception for the audience based on a display of disciplines which allow the performers to re-invent their technique. We are really straight regarding the style and the spirit of each act. That’s why we don’t hesitate to invite some companies to present a fragment of a complete show: It’s a way to open another window. That’s it: our job is to open creative and imaginary windows!

© Raynaude de Lage

© Raynaude de Lage

How do you select the artists? What kind of artists are you looking for?
I will say with our eyes, mind, and heart! We know, after 10 seconds if it will be good or not… Of course, we look to the proposition completely, but with our experience, our first impression is not wrong very often…
Our goal ist to find „artists“, not only performers. So we have some really personal criteria, and this is I think our „secret“. But we also have many objective questions regarding level of performance, writing of the sequence as a combination between costume, music, light and, eventually, narrative. What is probably most important to us, is what this act will bring, give, and contribute to the circus -here, today, and tomorrow.

What ist the benefit for an artist to perform at Cirque de Demain?
Your life is turned upside down!

How do you select the winners?
The Jury does. We invite to Paris 10 people coming from the arts and circus world. For example, for the next edition, we will have the Moscow’s Nikulin Circus director, the Cirque du Soleil casting Director and the Montreal Fine Art Museum Director among other brilliant personalities.

What advice would you give an artist applying for Cirque de Demain?
Be creative, but more than everything else, be yourself!

Das nächste Festival findet vom 29.01. bis 01.02.2015 statt.