Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Marlene von MZA Artists gibt Auskunft zum Edinburgh Fringe Festival

What is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the world’s largest arts festival and takes place in August every year for 3 – 4 weeks. It is open access – so anyone can take part, but the main venues all curate and programme to suit themselves so it can be more difficult to go if you are not part of such a programme.

Ein Sommernachtsbaum

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What kind of circus shows perform at the Fringe Festival?
All sorts – from Europe, Australia, sometimes from Africa, sometimes even from Scotland! Adult style burlesque/acro shows, kids circus, mostly something more contemporary instead of traditional style circus comes to the Fringe. Traditional touring circus shows do come to Edinburgh, but normally not during the Fringe.

What are you doing at the Fringe/ What is your role?
I have produced shows at the Fringe for the last 25 years.

What kind of shows are you looking for?
Generally I only work with shows from companies I already have a long term relationship with. But if I was looking for something new, it would have to be exciting, and different, and at the very top level of performance. It also must have a company manager who can be the point of contact, understand how to work with budgets, provide correct technical specifications, and have excellent marketing material to work with.

What is the benefit for a (circus-)company to perform at the Fringe?
It can open doors to work all over the world. Scouts and producers and venue directors and festival directors and TV directors come from all over the world and they all want to find new great work to present back in their own lands. Circus is great because it is largely non-verbal so it can travel around the world easily.

Ein Sommernachtsbaum

© Ein Sommernachtsbaum

However it is important to understand that the Fringe is different to most other festivals because the companies mostly have to self-produce even with a producer on board – the risk is shared. It is very unusual for a company to come to the Fringe with a producer who pays for everything.

What is the risk of perfoming at the Fringe Festival?
No one comes! And you lose all your money…
So you have to have a fantastic show, plan ahead and be prepared to work very hard, onstage and offstage as well. The Fringe is not the place for Divas – but if you get it right, it can be a life changing experience that opens new doors for you.

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